Professional bookkeeping can be sized to fit your business.

Professional bookkeeping makes sense for your business.

  • I only need an hour or two of help. Am I too small?
  • Can you protect me from embezzlement?
  • Can't we all share the bookkeeping in the office?
  • Why do we keep paying late penalties?
  • How do I organize the books for tax time?
  • What are "the books" anyway?
  • Can professional bookkeeping help me be more profitable?

Bookkeeping is the financial foundation of your business.
Maintain accurate books and get meaningful reports
with the expert help of Poulin Financial Services.
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Organize your books with Poulin Financial Services for better financial reporting and greater profitability.

Poulin Financial Services now offers all the advantages of a part-time bookkeeper backed by the expertise of a full-service accounting firm. You can re-gain the nighttime and weekend hours spent pouring over receipts and spreadsheets.

Using our bookkeeping service makes more sense than hiring a staff bookkeeper. You only hire us for the bookkeeping that needs to be done. You avoid the additional costs of adding employees and the training necessary to keep a bookkeeper up to date on rules and processes. Best of all, you’ll never miss a deadline because of a sick employee. We cross-train our staff to back each other up to cover for vacations or unexpected absences.

With our bookkeeping service you’ll know exactly where you stand. Our bookkeeping clients receive regular reports and have complete access to all bookkeeping records.

For your peace of mind, we’re bonded and fully insured against theft and loss. You’ll be in the loop and will have more control over your financial situation than ever before. To learn more, please call our office at 207-773-1040 or email